I love that it’s easy to get an appointment and that Dr. Bost takes the time needed with each patient. She really knows her stuff.
Rebecca U.

Very easy to make an appointment. I was in so much pain on my lower right side went in and came out like i had nothing and it was my first time ever really great service and Dr. Bost was very nice and polite.
Anahi M.

Dr. Bost is amazing!! In just two visits, I feel fantastic. She’s thorough and quick. Can’t wait to go back again.

No bullcrap chiropractic. I love Dr. Bost. Very down to earth without all the ludicrously expensive add-ons you typically see at other chiropractics. Listens to her patients, staff is great and is very affordable.
Ray C.

I have known doctor Bost for a while she told me I should go in and see her well I did after two years of main neck/back and arm issues we were both in awe how well I am doing in little of time…she sure did get me myself old self back I love her
Jennifer S.

I had severe hip pain and chronic headaches, after the first visit the hip pain was gone headaches ebbed away until I rarely get them anymore. I love Dr. Bost!!!
Samara N.

Great Dr. Makes me feel better every time I go there.
Abundant Flowers

Love Dr. Bost’s skill and ability. From plantar fasciitis to tennis elbow, she can handle it all!!
Brenda S.

Just what I needed for years now! I can’t wait to go back.
Erika R.

Been suffering from a severe headache the last 4 days. I finally decided to give a chiropractor a try for the first time. Dr. Bost did wonders for me. Can’t thank her enough for getting me in and helping get back on the road to feeling better!
Amber W.

Dr. Bost keeps me going. As a caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia, I’m always bending, stooping and pulling. My back certainly lets me know this!! Dr. Bost has always been able to make me feel better and I have more energy when I leave her practice. I certainly recommend her as a chiropractor and someone who really cares about your well-being.
Sonya B.

I had been going to physical therapy for over 3 months and was scheduled for an injection in 3 weeks. I was in so much pain and in need of relief and heard about Dr. Bost from my brother in law and decided to call and was able to be seen within a couple hours. I was pain free after the first visit and after a few follow up visits I feel better than I have in several months!!!!!! Thanks Dr. Bost
Gary R.

She was both compassionate and empathetic. She listened to what I had to say and was very knowledgeable on my treatment and care. Her and her staff were courteous and respectful throughout the day. Thank you Dr Bost and staff.
Ray S.