Summary of Services Offered by Brookwood Chiropractic Serving Oklahoma City

Your Brookwood Chiropractic clinic serving Oklahoma City offers specialized care plans tailored to your needs. Our treatments extend beyond relieving surface low back pain symptoms and pain in the neck, legs, shoulders, feet, or other regions.

Conditions Treated Using Chiropractic Care

Low back pain and a hurting neck, feet or shoulder occur for a variety of reasons. Common conditions treated using chiropractic care include the following:

Sciatica – If you feel a sharp pain running from your lower back, down your leg, to your foot; this might mean that your sciatic nerve needs repair. We often use spinal and extremity adjustments to relieve pain and repair nervous functioning.

Herniated disc injuries – This often causes low back pain. It might occur after years of repetitive motion as the discs between your vertebrae designed to cushion your body from shock become worn. The fluid inside your discs could also leak through a disc tear (rupture) that may irritate surrounding tissues. We apply chiropractic care along with corrective exercises as part of your therapy.

Low back pain and other personal injuries – If you slip and fall at work and twist your lower back, it can cause pain in this region. Sometimes, car accidents result in similar symptoms as well as neck pains. Neck and back personal injuries also sometimes affect the shoulder after any kind of accident or injury. We apply spinal realignment and physical therapy for repairing soft tissues and nerves to relieve underlying pain causes.

Corrective exercises

Your Oklahoma City chiropractor can not only can help with low back pain, but we can also provide you corrective stretching and strength exercises. They will also assist in repairing connective tissue and improve circulation and nerve conditions. The movements we teach you can also assist your ability to move your limbs, back, arms and neck. We concentrate on a variety of musculoskeletal groups of all your extremities after first performing spinal realignment  to address the pain source.

Lifestyle advice

We offer new habits you can start making in place of harmful ones. For instance, we may help you find recreational hobbies that could promote metabolism acceleration to help with weight loss. Losing extra pounds can in turn reduce spinal stress.

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