About Dr. Leslie Bost

Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic was a career change for me. I worked for OG&E for 20 years until I had a car accident. I was rear ended, knocked into oncoming traffic, and ended up face-to-face with a utility pole.

Within days of the accident I could not turn my head, my right arm was numb and I had difficulty lifting it or using it for everyday activities, like blowing my hair dry or holding a pen.

It was my dad who suggested I see a Chiropractor for the first time. After seeking treatment my pain diminished and I began to get strength back in my right arm. It was not an overnight miracle, but it was 100 percent effective.

After seeing the results of my Chiropractic treatment I decided to change my career and go to Chiropractic school. I received my degree at Texas Chiropractic College and moved back to Oklahoma City to open my practice.

I am trained in many techniques, a few I utilize in my office are: Diversified, Thompson, Activator, Accu-stim, and Active Release Technique.

My goal is that each of my patients has the same experience I had. To be pain free and living their lives to the fullest.

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes with your exam and creation of your treatment plan. Normal office visits take 15 minutes or less.

Call today for your free consultation. What do you have to lose but pain?


About Dr. Conner Burt


I watched my mother suffer through chronic back pain for 13 years and then assisted her through two back surgeries. Her back pain then escalated due to an auto accident, which led us to a chiropractor.  

It was life changing for her. She achieved decreased low back pain, increased mobility,  she was more energetic, and overall a happier person. Due to her results, she took my brother and I when I was having minor back pain as a teen playing sports. I continued going and had minimal pain throughout my teenage years.

While in school, I got my chiropractic miracle. The winter before starting chiropractic school, I sprained my right ankle and broke my fibula. I could no longer run and walking was difficult, even after fully healing. After I had started receiving care from, at that point, a chiropractic student, I was able to run again without any ankle pain.

I have always had a fascination with the mind and body, and therefore received a bachelor of science in psychology and a bachelor of science in physiology from Oklahoma State. I then went on to Cleveland Chiropractic University to obtain a chiropractic degree so I could help people achieve the same relief. 

I am trained in a variety of different chiropractic techniques and have been certified in over 300 hours of acupuncture to aid in decreasing pain and getting you to a healthier lifestyle!