Auto Accident Injury Care and Treatment from Our Brookwood Chiropractic in Oklahoma City, OK

Car crashes are a risk of the road, yet you don’t realize the severity and pain of an auto accident injury until it happens to you. Whether your vehicle was struck in the rear, the side, or even head-on, the injuries you have could be immense. If you were just in an auto accident, it’s to your benefit to see an Oklahoma City chiropractor sooner than later.

Which Injuries Are You Most Likely to Have After an Auto Accident?

Factors like where your vehicle was struck, where you were sitting (driver’s seat, passenger seat, backseat), and the severity of the accident means your injuries can vary. Here are some of the most likely auto accident injuries:

  • Dislocation fractures: With a dislocation fracture, the spine’s discs and soft tissue get pushed out of place, causing pain.
  • Transverse process fractures: If you have a transverse process fracture, once again, your spine and its vertebrae are moved beyond their standard range. This time, they’re twisting.
  • Flexion-distraction fractures: If you were in a head-on collision, then you could have a flexion-distraction fraction. Your spinal cord and upper vertebrae flex against the seatbelt, causing excessive pressure and pain with this injury.
  • Axial bursts: Lumbar and cervical spinal regions are harmed by an axial fracture.
  • Compression fractures: If the spine has moved or compressed due to an auto accident injury, that’s a compression fracture.
  • Soft tissue tearing and bruising: Injury to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue from an accident can be quite painful.
  • Bulging and herniated spinal discs: It’s possible for spinal discs to push out of place after an auto accident.

Why Your Injuries May Not Always Be Immediately Apparent

If you were in an auto accident and experienced any of the above injuries, you might not even know it right away. That’s because of delayed onset pain. It can take days and sometimes weeks before you feel the true extent of your injury.

How an Oklahoma City Chiropractor Can Alleviate and Treat Auto Accident Injury Pain

Don’t wait until your auto accident pain becomes chronic. A chiropractor can alleviate your pain through chiropractic techniques such as manipulations, spinal decompressions, and adjustments. These holistic treatments are drug-free.

In more serious cases, you may require surgery. Procedures like microdiscectomies, Artificial Disc Replacement, spinal fusions, endoscopies, percutaneous vertebroplasties, kyphoplasties, and laminectomies can treat severe, persistent pain.

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